On the foot of Oak Street, just past the bustle of cafes, food joints and shops is the levee; and just passed the levee is the alluring home of Marci Schramm, the brains behind every local’s favorite tradition: French Quarter Fest.  And there, sandwiched between the levee and the Mississippi river, KREWE found the location for its second photo shoot in an area colloquially known as “The Batture”. Remembering the nervous energy at the beginning of our last photo shoot, KREWE came prepared with a few bottles of bubbly for the models...and we may have also partaken in a flute or two ourselves.

We intended to shoot mostly out by the river, but once we walked inside the house we knew we couldn’t pass it up as a set.  The first room is a library filled with antique books, and after exploring more, we saw a 15-foot bar made out of a slab of oak wood.  It looked like it must have weighed a ton and I can only imagine that the foundation must have been built around it.  Everything in this house was perfectly placed—not for aesthetic, but for love of the item.  We felt the eccentricity of the owners in every picture, book and piece of furniture—and Zack excited at the challenge of capturing it all on camera.

The models, Charles Lumar II, Rachel Puckett and Amanda Louque are all wildly different from each other, but share at least one thing in common: they love New Orleans.  Their connection to the city is as evident in their work as their sense of style.  The trios' "casual in character" attitude is exactly what KREWE founder, Stirling Barrett looks for in casting, which is why we asked them to be part of KREWE’s second photo shoot.  It was a great day, with great people, in a great house.  The spirit of Southern Hospitality was alive and well today on the Batture. Shop The Collection

Finally huge shout out to are creative director Stirling (front) and photographerZack Smith. The duo is responsible for the amazing look and feel of KREWE.